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Community Help Desk: Part II

MOAR tips and tricks from the CelticsBlog team

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Following our first Community Help Desk located here, we thought it would be good to extend the conversation a bit more. We can cover a few helpful topics, provide a few handy hints and get feedback from you, the readers. As mentioned previously, the hope is that we can use this as a collective resource and add to it over time.

Letter ‘Z’ and keyboard shortcuts (they are your friend)

Pursuing the literary goodness that is CelticsBlog requires a fair bit of scrolling. Tired of using index finger on your Magic Mouse or scroll wheel? Well then, let me introduce you all to the letter ‘Z’.

This is fairly straight forward: pressing Z on the keyboard scrolls through the comments to your next unread comment. Please refer to the cheat sheet below and see this article from VOX Media for other handy shortcuts.


Our mods are great. They are working to keep the site a friendly and hospitable place 24 hours a day. They work hard to keep things under control and abide by the rules of the blog. However, increased users and visitation to the site means more traffic, we need a bit more help, so please, feel free to reach out below in the comments section if you want to provide assistance. If you care about the CB community, raise your hand.

MOAR Fanposts

Fanposts are a great way to publish your ideas to other Celtics Fans. As a blog we curate the best posts into our Featured FanPost section here. Obviously, we don’t look for wacky trade scenarios, but rather posts that explore topical or historic events and analysis. Please be mindful that checking your post for spelling and grammar before publishing will help others. It’s a good habit to read through and comment on not only your own discussion topic, but those of others too.

PLEASE NOTE: Inflammatory posts and those considered troll-worthy are moderated.

Part Three: We’ll look at some good Twitter follows for Celtics content and the power of GIFS as we head towards the postseason.

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