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Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Kyrie, Kyrie and more Kyrie (videos)

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Following the Celtics, 113-99 win over the New York Knicks, the topic continued to be Kyrie Irving...

NBA: Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

NEW YORK — After one of the more tumultuous days in recent Boston Celtics’ history, the C’s went in to Madison Square Garden and defeated the Knicks, 113-99.

Following the impressive win, amidst a tornado of distractions, the Celtics players’ comments continued along the theme of Kyrie Irving’s remarks to the media, earlier that day...


Kyrie continued with the same theme he gave the media during the afternoon shoot-around. Additionally, Irving commented on the “great fans” in New York and called it “home” no less than 5 times. Are we over reacting? Take a listen and let us know what you think.


Coach Stevens talked prior to tip off, avoiding any mention of his super star’s earlier public comments.


Quickly becoming the vocal leader of the Celtics, Marcus Smart emphasizes that he and his teammates cannot allow what they cannot control to distract them.


Again, the media understandibly hammered home the Kyrie topics when Morris got his chance to speak. Marcus reaffirmed their love for Irving and that no one wants him to leave Boston.

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