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Celtics have no immediate plans to sign free agent

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Danny Ainge will wait on filling the 15th roster spot.

Boston Celtics Media Day Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images

At the NBA trade deadline, the Celtics only move was to free up a roster spot by offloading Jabari Bird. The thought was that the team could then move to sign a free agent to fill that open roster spot. However, it doesn’t seem like any of the top free agents wanted the role that the Celtics could offer. Per Steve Bulpett

“I talked with some players that were available,” Ainge said, “but a lot of guys that are available are looking for commitments to play and start and X amount of minutes, and we don’t have that. We don’t have that available.”

Ainge goes on to say that the team is deep and healthy at the moment. So there’s no immediate need to fill that last spot anyway. If there were to be an injury, however, that situation could change pretty quickly.

A deadline to keep in mind is March 1st. That is when a free agent must be waived by his former team in order to sign with another team and still be playoff eligible.