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Jayson Tatum impressed Anthony Davis and other links & quotes

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Links and quotes from around the web about the Boston Celtics.

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NBA: Boston Celtics at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Apparently Jayson Tatum impressed Anthony Davis and other Pelicans players before he even started at Duke. (via Boston Globe)

This is the story of the three days in September 2016, before Tatum had even played a game at Duke, when he battled the Pelicans and left them awed by his potential. To several observers, Tatum was the best player on the court other than Davis, and Davis was as impressed as anyone. “When we left, I knew [Tatum] was NBA ready,” Davis said recently. “He did some amazing things out there. He was going at us like we were any other guys. And everything he did at Duke when we were down there, he’s showing right now.”

Aron Baynes is trying to be a good leader while not getting in the way. (via ESPN)

“I’m on the baseline, I’m with the guys, talking to them. I try not to talk too much, I think sometimes guys get six or seven people in their ear when something bad happens so I’m just trying to offer support when I’m out there and at the same time, I’m just making sure everybody sees me doing the right thing. I’m pretty visible when I’m out doing what I need to do.”

Gordon Hayward’s teammates appreciate the example he’s giving by accepting a bench role. (via Bulpett)

“There’s no excuses for anybody else about anything,” Marcus Smart said. “Here’s a guy, Gordon Hayward, All-Star, max guy — if he can do that, there’s no excuse for anybody else not to be sacrificing.

“Especially with him coming back off his injury and he wants to prove he’s back and get into the flow of things, it says a lot for him to accept that and be OK with that and come out and not let it affect the way he tries to play the game.”

Jay King looks at the job Brad Stevens has done this year.

It’s fair to ask how much blame Stevens deserves for his team, projected by Las Vegas with an over-under of 59 wins and playing at a 51-win pace. It’s fair to wonder whether he should have done more to right his offense early, cool off his locker room later on, and persuade his team to stay more together as the season progressed. The Celtics could still right themselves in time for the playoffs, as Irving believes they will, but they have been one of the NBA’s disappointments so far.