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Open mailbag: Ask me Celtics questions

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I will try to answer all your questions. I might even answer them non-sarcastically.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

You have questions about the Boston Celtics. I have answers.

Wait, I’ve done this before, I know how this works. You have statements that you want to make, so you put them in the form of a question just so I’ll print your questions. My answers are irrelevant as long as you get your shine in the spotlight. Alright, I’ll play along.

So give me your “questions” in the comments section below. I’ll do my best to “answer” them the best I can without totally embarrassing myself. I’m still pretty new to this blogging stuff, so bear with me.

Remember, the more entertaining your questions are, the more likely they are to be “randomly” selected. I don’t make the rules (note: yes, I do). Enjoy.