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NBA trade deadline discussion thread

What will the Celtics and the rest of the league do before the deadline?

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New Orleans Pelicans Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Trade Deadline is at 3:00 PM EST today. A lot has already happened and there is plenty of time for more to happen.

Of particular interest to the Celtics, will Anthony Davis be traded or is he stuck in New Orleans until the summer? Also, will he change his tune about Boston if that happens?

Also of note, will the Grizzlies follow through with trading Marc Gasol and Mike Conley?

What about the Celtics themselves? I don’t anticipate anything too eye catching, but I certainly wouldn’t rule out a move around the fringes. Perhaps to free up a roster spot for the buyout period or perhaps to cut some luxury tax.

With so much happening yesterday I’m a little skeptical that there’s much left to actually happen today, but I’m sure there will be rumors all day long, so stay tuned and feel free to follow along in the comments section below.

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