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Jayson Tatum, Kyrie Irving, glad to move past Thursday’s trade deadline

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Tatum and Irving spoke to the media about the deadline circus after Thursday’s loss to the Lakers.

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

BOSTON - Jayson Tatum’s name has been thrown around quite a bit over the last few weeks thanks to the swirling trade rumors regarding New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis. Although it became clear in the last few days that the Boston Celtics would stand pat at Thursday’s deadline, dealing with the circus is still new for the second-year Duke product.

“It’s new for me,” said Tatum. “Especially when you hear your name and all the rumors. But I just focus on what I can control, go out there and play the game.”

Tatum seemed nice and relieved that Boston’s locker room remained unchanged, adding that his teammates feel the same way.

“Everyone in here wants to be here,” Tatum said. “We enjoy being around each other, playing with each other. Hopefully we just stay healthy and give ourselves a shot.”

Kyrie Irving on the other has been through this a few times, and wasn’t as concerned with the trade rumors and chaos that surround teams during this time of year. In fact, Irving said he didn’t know who got traded on Thursday because he was focused on the Celtics matchup with the Lakers. He asked reporters to fill him in on the news, but said he would get caught up once he got home.

“I mean, the deadline was a lot for a lot of other people, I’m assuming,” Irving said. “For us, we were pretty set. They made that very clear, our management. So I’m just happy that now we can just focus on the rest of the season and have some fun doing so. I’m just glad it’s past.”

Tatum concluded his response with a moment of honesty, but also hinting at what’s to come this offseason.

“I’m glad to still be on the team,” Tatum said. “I know everyone else was probably watching, so I’m glad it’s over with... for now”