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Boston Celtics embarrassed by Los Angeles Clippers 123-112

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Boston found itself unable to carry its momentum throughout the game on its way to a winless week against LA

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Boston Celtics Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was the triumphant return of Tommy Heinshon in the booth and boy did I miss him. I’m giving away my youth a little bit but I've gone my entire life listening to the Heinshon-Gorman duo and as a young kid from Lowell their voices were the only things that made me feel at home when my family moved to Delaware. Unfortunately, the Celtics couldn’t welcome him back with and dropped back-to-back LA games. All-star break couldn’t come fast enough for this team.

The Celtics had their second crack at being the latest Boston team to beat up on an LA squad and the odds were stacked even further in their favor with the new look Clippers who traded away their all-star Tobias Harris in an apparent attempt to punt on their win-now mentality.

The Celtics got off to a strong start leading 21-14 behind a quick 10 points for Kyrie Irving who shook off the rust from the Lakers game.

Boston was able to continue the hot shooting behind a couple Daniel Theis three’s and went on a 20-3 run to push the lead up to 17 points. The final damage ended up being a 29-6 run to close out the quarter up 23 (43-20).

The Celtics second unit was able to keep up the first quarter hot shooting and even push the lead up to 28 points at one point. The Clippers were able to battle back a bit and cut the deficit to 20 after some breakdowns in Pick and Roll defense by the Celtics and awkward isolation possessions that the Celtics continue to turn to when they get lazy. The Celtics were able to keep it together and go into the half up 21 points, but the story of the quarter ended up being Kyrie Irving who suffered a knee sprain with 2:28 left in the quarter and never returned.

First Half stats

NBA Stats

Second Half

The Celtics came out of the second half with a troubling lack of urgency that has haunted them a bit in third quarters. The Clippers cut what was once a 21 point lead into an 9 point lead. By the time the first 8 minutes of the quarter had gone by the Celtics only had 2 assists, 3 turnovers, and 8 points after only throwing one turnover throughout the entire first half. The offense diluted down to selfish isolation basketball with little urgency and the defense was littered with a lack of communication that the Clippers used to their advantage. And just like that the Celtics went from on their way to a GINO time win to clinging to a 5-point lead heading in the 4th.

The Clippers continued their push in the 4th quarter going on a 25-16 run in the frame’s first 9 minutes and completely eradicating what was once a 28-point Celtics cushion to a 4-point deficit. A mini 5-0 run by Hayward turned it into a 109-107 game, but an ill-advised three by Marcus Smart led to a Clippers three, it was then followed by a Hayward turnover and fast break score by Harrell to make the deficit ballon to seven. The Celtics never seriously threatened again and lost in humiliating fashion. The team has a game against the Sixers on Tuesday, we’ll hope to see some better life and a healthy Kyrie Irving.