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Cedric Maxwell says the Celtics cannot worry about NBA Playoff seeding (podcast)

Celtics Legend Cedric Maxwell has some advice for the C’s as they make their playoff push: Don’t worry about seeding. In theory Boston matches up well everyone. They have star power, great swings and wings, solid size, veteran depth, a great bench, and a phenomenal coach. Despite how far ahead in the standings the beasts of the East are Boston should not be afraid.

Max doesn’t have all the details of the infamous plane ride, but he does agree that the body language is different. Guys are starting to play for each other. The energy on the bench is noticeably better. Max argues that this is starting to look like a team that’s turning it on at the right time. More importantly, the team looks for focused thanks to a new attitude from Kyrie Irving.

Kyrie is a tough guy to get a handle on, even according to Maxwell. “Cornbread” often has sit-downs with all the Celtics players, but Irving somehow has eluded Max for most of Kyrie’s time in Boston (not that’s there’s anything wrong with that). But despite that Max says it’s easy to see how brilliant Irving really is. And moreover Irving’s brilliance is shinning through now that he has a better perspective on how to lead his teammates.


Downtown Jaylen Brown

Boston’s play during this recent six-game stretch might be the best ball they’ve played all year. And a big part of that is the re-emergence of Jaylen Brown.

Since the All-Star Break Jaylen is shooting 37% from 3 since the All-Star Break on 4.2 attempts per game. He’s in a really nice groove especially right now. He’s scored 22 or more points in three straight games shooting 60% from the field and 64% from 3. Sprinkle in his eye-popping defensive numbers and you start to see why he could be the centerpiece of an Anthony Davis trade.

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3:00 How a plane ride can bond guys together

9:10 What’s the thing the Celtics need to make a deep playoff run?

18:31 Kyrie coming clean about leadership

30:16 Pelicans are being smart with Davis

33:35 Does Boston really prefer a white star

43:43 Fan interaction makes NBA unique

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