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Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Where everyone seems encouraged except Kyrie (videos)

Washington Wizards v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

BOSTON — The Boston Celtics finally showed signs of life in the 4th quarter of their win over the lowly Washington Wizards.

Snapping a 4 game skid that’s had all of Celtics Nation in an uproar, the over-all vibe of the Celtics locker room as loose, optimistic and looking to build on the win. That is, everyone but Kyrie Irving who continued his “One-Word Answer Tour.”

Here’s what everyone was saying after the game...

Kyrie Irving:

*No Transcriptions available or necessary.


Did the home crowd help ‘will’ the team to a win?

“Well I don’t think there’s any question. I mean, playing at home in front of this crowd is a – is a huge benefit, and there’s a responsibility in the way that we play and recognize that we have to earn that support with the right effort and the right camaraderie and togetherness. And I think that their reaction to our increased defensive pressure that led to those run-outs certainly helped us. There’s no question about it. It’s been – you know, I’ve said this since I’ve been here – it’s an unbelievable place to coach because of the fans and because of the people that are in the building and the times that we’ve gotten booed I haven’t necessarily disagreed with getting booed, you know? So, it’s just a – you appreciate the opportunity to coach here.”

Full Transcriptions Available Here.


Re: The Celtics defense tonight

“It was outstanding for us. We needed it. We needed to get back to this. Making guys really shaky with the ball questioning bringing the ball up against us and really just imposing our will we did that tonight. That helped us a lot and we need to continue that.”

Full Transcriptions Available Here.

Marcus Smart:

How did that three feel with 2:46 left to put the game away?

“It felt amazing finally to see some shots go down and it was good to get the win. It was good to see everybody playing together, and it was good to see everyone feeling good. We just felt like ourselves so really good.”

Full Transcriptions Available Here.


Re: Setting the tone heading into Sunday playing the Rockets

“It is a very tough matchup and it will be fun being here at the Garden playing that game on Sunday.”

Full Transcriptions Available Here.


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