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Inside the Celtics Locker Room: players react to Gordon Hayward game winner (videos)

CLNS Media and CelticsBlog takes you ‘on the road’ with the Celtics...

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SACRAMENTO -- The Boston Celtics closed our their second consecutive win, in impressive fashion, on their west coast swing. Gordon Hayward has another impressive night for the C’s but nearly cost the C’s the game down the stretch.

Turning a bad mistake into a big win for the Celtics in a matter of a couple minutes, Hayward hit a leaning, fading game winner to close out the Kings in regulation. The Celtics were paced by the familiar steady play of Al Horford who finished 21-11-7 and once again was the best Celtics player on a Kyrie-less squad.

Here’s your pass inside the C’s locker room:


“Had to get it up the length of the court, I was able to finish the play off,” Hayward explained. “But (it) was really just making a play.

“Everyone was kind of tight on their man there so it was sort of just like 1-on-1 and the lane kind of cleared out and I was able to make the move going left. I really just took what the defense gave me, if somebody would have came and helped, I would have kicked it to them.”

Draining a game-winning shot on the second night of a back-to-back is one thing but doing it after scoring 30 points on the champion Warriors is an impressive feat — it’s certainly an important milestone for Hayward, who explained what Wednesday night’s game meant to his season.

“It builds a little bit of confidence, try to keep the good games rolling. Be more consistent,” Hayward said. “I felt like tonight wasn’t my best night, shooting-wise but I tried to do some other things. They were a tough team and I think the fact that they push the ball so fast up the court was even harder on us coming from a back-to-back so I’m proud of us that we gutted it out.”


“We were just going to give Terry (Rozier) or Gordon (Hayward) a run at it — length of the floor, they’re both good going the length of the floor,” Stevens said. “Gordon made a nice play, obviously. He got to his left hand, hit that little fade-away, he’s been hitting that pretty regularly on a night where he didn’t shoot it great. That was obviously a big, huge shot for us.”




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