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Daily Marcus Smart update: it’’s happening

He’s finally sweating.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As CelticsBlog’s resident Marcus Smart expert, I find it necessary to keep you all abreast of his every move in his recovery from a torn oblique. As Boston’s schedule for the second round comes into focus, Smart’s recovery timeline becomes more important than ever, especially if Boston wants a good chance at “upsetting” the Milwaukee Bucks.

If you’re excited for Smart’s impending return, it’s time to turn up the hype machine.

This could obviously mean a lot of things, but in my mind, the only thing that this “finally” could mean in this context is, “get my jersey ready for Game 1 on Sunday.”

I am only partially joking.

As for what work Smart actually did today in his workout, we have this:

While he’s not jumping at game speed, it’s a really good sign to see Smart take comfortable, in-rhythm jumpshots. He’s getting up off the floor, his motion looks relatively fluid and it appears he’s not in pain. That last part is the most important. It’s clear both in Smart’s answers to the media and in the videos that Smart is ahead of schedule.

What matters, and what remains to be seen, is just how far ahead of schedule he is.

The Boston Celtics take on the Milwaukee Bucks on Sunday at 1PM EST in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Will Smart be able to shoot 3-pointers tomorrow? Will we see him diving on the floor for a loose ball in a 1-on-0 drill? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Dragon...Bal- I mean, our next Marcus Smart recovery update.

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