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CelticsBlog and CLNS Media honor John “Hondo” Havlicek with rare video footage

The overwhelming theme of the Celtics’ practice availability was the legendary, John Havlicek’s passing.

BOSTON LANDING — The unfortunate news of John “Hondo” Havlicek’s” passing, rocked the Celtics’ community and the NBA world. In honor of the Boston sports legend, CLNS Media wanted to share with you two short retrospectives on the legendary John Havlicek.

Our first retrospective is the full version of Hondo’s farewell speech during his last game as a member of the Celtics.

Next, we give you a glance at a very rare moment in NBA history. Following the iconic “Havlicek stole the ball” game, the Celtics (again) advanced to the NBA Finals, eliminating Wilt Chamberlain (also, again).

During the NBA Finals, newly retired Bob Cousy, now an ABC Sports Broadcaster, met up with Chamberlain. The “Houdini of the Hardwood,” asked the “Stilt” for his reactions to what would be that greatest call in NBA history (how is Johnny Most not in the basketball HOF?).

Here’s that interview:

We hope you enjoyed our look back at one of the greatest players to ever step foot on the parquet floor at the old Boston Garden.

Click here for Danny Ainge, Jeff Twiss, Brad Stevens and Celtics’ current player reactions to Havlicek’s passing.


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