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Gorman, Max & Bob Ryan all reflect on the life of John Havlicek on Celtics Beat with Adam Kaufman (podcast)

Adam Kaufman chats with multiple Boston Celtics personalities & legends for their thoughts on the passing C’s legend

This column was composed by Evan Valenti for CLNS and CelticsBlog...

BOSTON — John Havlicek is the Boston Celtics’ all-time leading scorer. He has played in more games in white and green than any other person in history.

Think about that for a minute.

Consider how many people suited up for Boston at one point in their life. None of them were better at putting the ball in the basket and none of them more durable than Havlicek.

I could do a ton of research, read pages of books, and watch days worth of documentaries and whip something up. Moreover, I could write something reflective about his impact on the franchise and the game in general. However, let’s be honest here. You don’t want to hear that from me. You’d like to hear that from other people.

You’re in the right place.

For this week’s Celtics Beat Adam Kaufman chats with all the voices you’d want to hear from during a time like this. Celtics legends talking about one of the biggest Celtics legends ever. Bob Ryan, Cedric Maxwell, and Mike Gorman all have stories to tell. Take a listen.

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Havlicek Ranks Where in Celtics History?

Bob Ryan made a good point early on in the podcast. There is no doubt that Hondo is one of the top-four Celtics in the history of the franchise. The order:

  1. Bill Russell
  2. Bob Cousy
  3. John Havlicek
  4. Larry Bird

The real question is “Who is number five?” Is it Paul Pierce? Kevin McHale? Tommy Heinsohn? JoJo White? Sam Jones? KC Jones? Danny Ainge (as a GM too)? Take to Twitter and debate how you will. But remember that Hondo is already on the list.


5:32 Red Auerbach on John Havlicek

7:53 Bob Ryan’s favorite memories

24:38 Cedric Maxwell dishes on Hondo


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