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Daily Marcus Smart update: He’s dunking

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I’m not saying it’s happening, but it’s definitely happening.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It’s with great pleasure that I report to you that Marcus Smart is continuing his progression back from a left oblique tear. We’ve seen him do some light shooting, some jogging and even sprinting in recent days, and now here’s more fuel to the fire surrounding his return to action:

Listen, I’m not a doctor, but if he can run, jump, leap, sprint and dunk, I don’t (personally) see many steps left in the way of his return to game action. Sunday marks 4 weeks since the initial injury after which we were given a 4-6 week timeline, so Smart making his return to the court this weekend would be extremely timely. With the Celtics surrendering 7 3-pointers to Khris Middleton alone in Game 3, Smart’s presence would be exceptionally handy.

Here are a couple of other looks from today’s practice as Marcus Smart works his way back:

The Boston Celtics are tied with the Milwaukee Bucks 1-1 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. A pivotal Game 3 in Boston tips off Friday night on ESPN followed by an important Game 4 on Monday night. Smart’s return at either time would be extremely welcome.