Options at pick #14

One of Danny Aigne's better deals was to trade Fultz for Tatum and Sacramento's first round pick. This ended up being the 14th pick in the draft. The question is-- who is going to be available at the pick.

  • Bol Bol

    PRO: 7- 2 1/4 and a 7-7 wingspan and a decent jump shot-- Bol Bol is more unicorn than Porzingis.

    CON: Has several red flags. First, at 208 can he ever be anything other than a novelty. Second, some reports question his intensity. Third, he is a seven footer with foot problems-- see Yao Ming and Greg Oden.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Sam Perkins/Kristaps Porzingis

  • Sekou Doumbouya

    PRO: Best international player entering the draft. Has the potential to be an impact defender at the 4.

    CON: Has not developed much of an offensive game.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Billy Owens/Tim Thomas

  • Goga Bitadze

    PRO: As perhaps the most skilled BIG in this year's draft he has the size ( 6-11, 7-2 Wingspan) to play the five. Would compliment Robert Williams III very well.

    CON: Limited athletically.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Nenad Krstic/Jusuf Nurkic
  • Tyler Herro

    PRO: One of the better shooters in the draft. Again, fills a need as a back up to Brown.

    CON: Has short arms, defensively best case scenario is not to be a liability.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Nik Stauskas/Joe Harris

  • Nassir Little

    PRO: Coming out of high school was considered to be on par with Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett. If you were going to design an N.B.A. wing-- Little is pretty close to the prototype you would use.

    CON: Had a weak freshman year at North Carolina.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Gerald Wallace

  • Rui Hachimura

    PRO: Very similar to Sekou Doumbouya-- solid defender with limited offensive range. May have a higher floor and lower ceiling.

    CON: Does not bring much to offense.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Antawn Jamison
  • Romeo Langford

    PRO: Very skilled offensive player.

    CON: Some athletic limitations and did not have a great freshman year.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Evan Turner

  • Mfiondu Kabengele

    PRO: Great size with a 7-3 could develop into an impact post player.

    CON: Every minute that goes to Kabengele's development is at the expense of Robert Williams III. Is very likely to be on the board at 20 or 22-- so may not be worth reaching for.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Vin Baker
  • Nickeil Alexander-Walker

    PRO: Big point guard who can shoot.

    CON: Looks to have a low ceiling. While he has the best shot at being a solid rotational player, it seems unlikely he will ever be a dominant player.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Spencer Dinwiddie/Jordan Clarkson

  • Brandon Clarke

    PRO: Super athletic, high motor defensive dynamo who would likely become a fan favorite.

    CON: At 6'8" and a 6-8 1/4 has marginal length to play the 4. He is a limited offensive player.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Jordan Bell
  • Kevin Porter Jr.

    PRO: N. Little lite-- one of the draft's elite athletes.

    CON: Not very disciplined-- averaged more turnovers than assists in college. A bit of a reach at 14.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Deshawn Stevenson

  • Carsen Edwards

    PRO: One of the most skilled offensive players in the draft. Can shoot and create his own shot.

    CON: Is small and not a dominant athlete. HUGE REACH at #14.

    NBADRAFT.NET NBA Comparison: Quinn Cook/Frank Mason

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