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Inside the Celtics Locker Room: Demoralized Celts allow officials to get best of them (videos)

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The Milwaukee Bucks took a 2-1 series lead and yet the post-game sound was dominated by officiating talk...

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TD GARDEN — TD GARDEN — Game three between the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks never settled into a flow. Perhaps it was the 68 free throw attempts throughout the game that made it feel disjointed.

Sierra Goodwill, Jimmy Toscano and Jeff Goodman discuss the officiating and the Celtics’ response to getting into foul trouble and sending Giannis Antetokounmpo to the line 22 times.


Was the officiating working against the Celtics when Jaylen Brown picked up his fifth foul?

“I don’t complain about officials. We’ve got a lot of stuff we have to do better and they have a hard job. And we focus on us, and the controllable, and that’s the bottom line.”



Have you ever been involved in a playoff game where the officiating is so poor on one side?

“I mean the refs have a difficult job. We have a difficult job. Obviously, I could sit up here and complain. We know the disparity and what it is but I am not going to put all the emphasis on the refereeing. I think there are a lot of controllable things on our end that we can be better at. Obviously the officiating is going to be.... FULL TRANSCRIPTS HERE


Re: Third Quarter

We just have to play better. This is apart of our test. We got all the tools that we need in this room. We just have to play better.... FULL TRANSCRIPTS


Re: Third Quarter

They really got it going. They made a run and we just couldn’t recover after that.”




Celtics cut lead down in final minutes with free throws. How much of that was you holding door open or them pushing the door open and what was your level of concern in those final minutes?

“I think it was half and half. They did a great job of forcing, we just got to do a better job of playing without fouling. I think we had lapses a little bit between the quarters or whatever but, for the most part I think we played the full 48 of basketball....FULL TRANSCRIPTS FROM GIANNIS, HILL & MIDDLETON

Highlight of Game 3: John Havlicek Tribute by Celtics:

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