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Anthony Davis Reactions: should the Celtics even care? – The Garden Report Podcast

Today on the Garden Report podcast, we look at the AD/Lakers trade & whether Kyrie is the next domino to fall...

On Saturday, Woj set off his biggest bomb of the 2 day old NBA off-season. In a late afternoon tweet that rocked the NBA, Woj announced that the Pelicans and Lakers have come to an agreement to send Anthony Davis to LA.

Celtics fans have weighed in with mixed emotions on the Davis/Lakers/LeBron union.

On today’s Garden Report Podcast, Nick Gelso is joined by, special guest, CLNS’ Director of Content, John Zannis to try to talk C’s fans off the ledge and bring some sense to Danny Ainge’s (correct) decision to not allow Jayson Tatum to be added to the deal.


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