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Report: Celtics offering Baynes to teams with cap space

Baynes recently opted into his player option for next year, but he could be on his way out in light of recent decisions.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The young and flexible Boston Celtics are potentially on their way to be younger and flexible-r. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that the Celtics are offering Aron Baynes to teams in order to create more cap space:

This comes in light of the news that Al Horford is looking elsewhere for a deal this summer. Baynes opted into his $5.4M player option last week with the expectation that he wouldn’t immediately be traded this summer. After the Horford news, it’s possible that Baynes changed his mind so that he could compete for a different team this year as the Celtics dive headfirst into the youth movement.

The Celtics will likely operate as a cap space-oriented team this summer. This also likely won’t last long, as they’ll be facing a Jaylen Brown extension offer this Fall with Jayson Tatum being eligible the next year along with Gordon Hayward’s existing deal. Boston can open $23M in cap space this year after trading Baynes with Horford and Irving’s free agent rights renounced and potentially more if the team gets creative with their 3 first round draft pick selections and depending on what free agents Marcus Morris and Terry Rozier do.

In short, things are about to get wild one way or another.

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