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Celtics’ free agency outlook + Terry Rozier’s future - Winning Plays Podcast

Brian Robb and Michael Pina recap a busy night for the Celtics at the NBA Draft and what paths the team can take from here.

Brian Robb and Michael Pina recap a busy night for the Celtics at the NBA Draft, why the C’s traded away Aron Baynes and what paths the team can take now over the rest of the offseason.

*video segments will release this week on CLNS...


5:12 — GRANT WILLIAMS evaluation

7:00 – CARSON EDWARDS evaluation

8:50 — ROMEO LANGFORD evaluation

9:50 — Edwards may impact Rozier minutes/future

10:21 — ROZIERS FUTURE: What would Ainge even offer?

13:50 — Celtics pursue players that work in Brad Stevens’ coaching system

14:45 – BROBB: why would they trade Baynes now? Makes no sense.

25:00 – why the Philly trade?

31:00 – how Celtics can still bring in big name free agent or viable big/Carson 3-point attempts perfect for Stevens system plus he gets to the line

31:30 – Celtics Summer League Preview: should be top 2 in summer league teams + is Zion hype real?

32:50 – seems Celtics are ripe for some aggressive free agent moves. Looking for Max player – BRobb on Ainge draft night press conference

39:00 – Why the Celtics aren’t a prime destination anymore. That was short lived.

43:00 – Why the clips are more attractive then the Celtics?

45:00 — nets/kyrie situation now that nets are getting cold feet. What’s Kyrie’s options? BRobb doesn’t want him back in Boston.

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