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Rookie Survey says...Celtics did well in the draft

Welcome to the NBA Rookie Survey, where the questions are made up (by somebody) and the answers don’t matter.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Boston Red Sox Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA’s rookie survey results have come out and a few Celtics, current and former, have been recognized as good picks and great players.

Some draftees think the Celtics got two of the biggest steals in the draft. The highest honors went to Bol Bol (44th pick) and Kevin Porter Jr. (30th), who each received 19% of the total votes. The next five players took 5% of the vote each, including Carsen Edwards (33), Grant Williams (22), Nassir Little (25), Isaiah Roby (45), and Coby White (7). Romeo Langford (14) received at least one vote as well.

Personally, I think White should be disqualified as a “steal” as a top-10 pick, but what can I say? Evidently, you can vote for whoever you want, so long as you don’t pick yourself, a college teammate, or an NBA teammate.

Tremont Waters was named as one of the best playmakers in the draft, taking in 6% of the vote in a sixth place tie with Kevin Porter Jr. Ahead of him was Ja Morant (40% of the vote), Darius Garland (15%), Ty Jerome (10%), Coby White (10%), and Nickeil Walker-Alexander (8%).

I found that clip within the six minutes of glorious Waters highlights here, all of which were taken from the NCAA Tournament, which I’m sure had an impact on the survey results.

I’d like to give a huge shout-out - and show mild concern for - whichever unnamed draftee named Kevin Garnett as his favorite player in the league, as I wholeheartedly endorse this as a valid answer, but also wonder if they know what year it is. Garnett retired in 2016. Another player named Steve Nash who retired in 2015. Maybe they read the question as ‘favorite player of all time’. Maybe they think KG would still be the best player in the league today. Who’s to say?

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