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Summer’s over, Celtics heading back to school soon

Scatterd thoughts as the Celtics pack up for the first day of class.

Basketball: USA Basketball-Training Session Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp starts at the end of this month. For the guys on Team USA, their summer abroad is coming to a close. Gordon Hayward and the rookies have already been hanging around the Celtics new training facility. In the next few weeks the rest of the team (and camp invitees) will make their way to Boston Landing.

Everything kicks off with Media Day which is great for quotes and photo shoots, but the on floor action doesn’t begin in earnest until the team’s first preseason game on Oct. 6th.

Till then, we just have scattered thoughts and dribs and drabs of news about the team. Oh yeah, and plenty of previews! We’ll start rolling out preview content here on CelticsBlog very soon. I suppose you can read previews elsewhere as well, but I can save you the trouble. Here’s how they’ll go:

  • Something pithy about how last season was a huge disappointment.
  • Shots at the exiting point guard who shall not be named.
  • Thieving joy by comparing him to the new point guard.
  • Laments at Al Horford leaving (forgetting all about Mook and Baynes).
  • Shots at Terry Rozier’s new contract in Charlotte.
  • Recap of draft night with more attention paid to Tacko Fall than Romeo Langford.
  • Question marks surrounding Gordon Hayward’s “return to form.”
  • Some phrasing of “Tatum and Brown need to take the leap this year.”
  • Overly dramatic and vague comments about how Brad Stevens needs to prove himself.
  • Wrapped up with a pat on the head and sent to bed with a glass of water and a 2nd round exit prediction.

All that is fine. I might elaborate on each of those themes for my preview(s). It just cracks me up to know what’s coming (for the most part). And if the last school year has taught us anything, it is that none of this really matters. I don’t mean that in the existential third eye way. It’s just that the predictions don’t mean anything because life is random and things change overnight in the NBA.

So as long as you understand that the previews don’t matter, then you free yourself to have fun with them. We’ll be sure to dive into the minutiae that only Celtics fanatics like us could care about. Who will get the 15th roster spot? How will the big man rotation sort itself out? Which of the rookies is ready to contribute from the start and who will end up being the best of the bunch? Is Semi Ojeleye ready for a bigger role or will he continue to punish medicine balls instead of opposing power forwards?

Then there’s going to be roster transactions, a final call on the Jaylen Brown extension talks, and probably some trade rumors just for kicks. Muscle watch. Gordon Hayward aggression watch. Tacko watch! Carsen Edwards dropping 30 in preseason games!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. I got my backpack on, a new pencil box, and a sharp new outfit. Back to school can’t come soon enough.

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