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Preconceived impressions: Quick thoughts on new Celtics

We don’t even have first impressions yet, so let’s discuss our pre-first impressions of the newest Celtics veterans.

Boston Celtics Introduce New Players - Portriats Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Yesterday we took a quick look back at the players that have departed Boston. Today I wanted to take a quick look forward to the fresh new faces in Celtics green. We haven’t had Media Day so it is hard to say that we’ve even had first impressions yet. So I made up the phrase “preconceived impressions.” Feel free to participate in the comments.

Kemba Walker

Don’t compare him to Kyrie Irving. Don’t compare him to Kyrie Irving. Don’t compare him to Kyrie Irving.

I mean, he’s gotta be a better fit than... oops, already failed.

This feels a bit like when Al Horford joined the team. Everyone who’s opinions are worth paying attention to said we’d fall in love with Horford and it was true. Looking forward to the Kemba Walker era.

Enes Kanter

He rebounds, he scores in the post, he’s even going to start shooting 3 pointers. Will he defend though? Or can the team find a way to employ him without sacrificing too many points? We’ll see. All we know for sure is that things will be much different without the Al Horford security blanket.

Romeo Langford

Highly ranked coming out of high school, struggled with his shot in college in part due to his injured thumb. That same thumb kept him out of Summer League and the team has been working on fixing his shooting form. Feels a bit weird that the Celtics’ highest pick is the biggest question mark, but he’ll have a chance to make a first impression in preseason.

Grant Williams

Is there such a thing as a veteran rookie? Grant seems like a guy that was born wisdom and intangibles. Probably doesn’t have star potential but his floor is really high. Not sure exactly how Stevens will employ him in the rotation, but I think he’ll find a way to work him in.

Carsen Edwards

Carsen is a walking fire emoji. I’ve seldom seen anyone with as much self confidence as when Edwards fires away from literally anywhere on the court. Basketball requires more than just scoring, but scoring is a great superpower to start with.

Vincent Poirier

Seems like Vincent has some rim running and rebounding skills to bring to the table. Gotta admit I don’t know much more than that though.

Tremont Waters, Tacko Fall, Max Strus, Javonte Green, etc

Waters is undersized but everyone gushes about his game and attitude. I’m rooting for Tacko Fall to at least fill the Yabu role of fun young guy that comes in during garbage time. Max and Javonte had their moments in Summer League. That’s about all I’ve got.

Your turn. What are you looking for from the new guys this year?

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