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Danny Ainge doesn’t feel urgency to make a trade

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Every year, the same basic message. And that’s good.

Boston Celtics Practice Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Danny Ainge has been through this drill a few times. He’s never satisfied but also never rushed.

Fans tend to jump to the trade machine looking for quick fixes that will put the Celtics in position to be a title contender. The problem is there are 29 other GMs out there trying to make the best deal for their own situations. These things take time and patience.

For his part, Ainge doesn’t seem to be in any terrible rush.

Even if he was feeling urgency, it would do Danny Ainge no good to admit that he was feeling urgency because it would hurt his bargaining position.

But every year the Celtics are active in trade talks and every year word leaks out about who the Celtics are “targeting” or “tracking” or “monitoring.” Then after the deadline we hear about deals that were close to happening.

The Celtics may make a trade and they may not, but it isn’t likely that you’ll hear much from Ainge around this time of year that goes off script. He’s not going to rush into anything but he’s always looking to upgrade. (repeat)