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Your mailbag trade ideas and my reactions

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I asked you for your trade ideas and you provided them (and a lot of commentary on each other’s ideas). There were some good suggestions and some ...not as good ones. I’ve posted a sampling here below. My answers are just my opinions but the fun part is letting some of you get some shine for your ideas.

In general I’m not in favor of a larger deal that involves any of our best 5 players. I like the way they fit together too much and I don’t feel like there’s a lot of big contract deals out there worth breaking that group up for.

On the fringes I think there are plenty of ways the team could upgrade. I don’t think we need 3 draft picks in the upcoming draft and I’d like to use one or more of those picks to make an upgrade for this season and if possible beyond.

But enough about what I want. Let’s hear about what you guys want.

mark a.h.

GH for Love

GH is an great guy & great player, but he’s clearly not 100% & Love though older, probably has more tread & GH probably finds Load Management before Love does. Rebounding – Love & Kanter – long time since we had a duo like that. Works for the Cavs – GH won’t take his option, so they clear Love’s salary

Look, I get it. We have wings, we need a quality big. Love is still a productive player that could help a lot of teams.

That contract though. $90M over the next three years. That’s not going to age well in the long term. I’m not sure how Love is an upgrade over Hayward in the short term either. Gordon is a facilitator that fits into the system perfectly. He’s capable of large scoring nights but he’s comfortable taking a back seat to Tatum and Brown when they have it going. And he’s a solid defender.

Besides, one of the reasons we could use a quality big man is to defend guys like Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo. Love isn’t going to help much there.

I hope for his sake Kevin finds himself on a contender soon, but I don’t think it will be in Boston.


Dario Saric for G Williams and J Green. Saric is 6’10’ and can shoot the three. Career averages of 12 pts and 6 reb .He is only 25 and would give us size and scoring off the bench,and only makes 3.5 mil so the salaries would match.

This one I like a bit more, though I’d prefer to keep Grant Williams around. Maybe use Semi and the Bucks pick to make this happen? Seems like Saric isn’t a big part of the Suns’ plans and he has been productive in the past - including in the playoffs.

This is the level of player I’d be interested in targeting in order to upgrade the bench.


Semi for Nerlens.

Shores up our interior defense, while helping OKC on the perimeter (and giving them more control).

Another fringes idea that makes sense financially and addresses a specific need (in particular if Robert Williams is going to miss more time than originally expected).

Not sure what OKC would be looking for in return. They might ask for a first rounder which seems a bit steep. Perhaps there’s some middle ground or sweeteners on either side that could be worked out.


I’d do Porier and Semi (plus a protected 1st) for Bertans.

I think that is probably enough depending on the 1st’s protections for Washington. But who knows, they didn’t trade Beal!

Bertans is definitely one of the targets that the Celtics would be interested in greatly. He would immediately upgrade their shooting and he is a graduate of the school of Pops, which is never a bad thing. The problem is that a lot of teams are going to be bidding on him and the Wizards aren’t really motivate to deal him anyway. So you might need to deal the Grizzlies pick to pry him away (and even that might not be enough at the rate the Griz are winning).

Definitely worth investigating but I fear there will be a bidding war at the deadline for him and it might get too rich for the Celtics to make sense.


Harry Giles

Sacramento didn’t pick up his option. I’ve been assuming that Boston would try to sign him in the off-season, but if Robert Williams can not be counted on to play regular minutes this season, the Celts might be willing to give up something small in order to get Giles now.

He has a history of injuries, but he plays his position very well in limited minutes.

Also, he’s Tatum’s buddy.

Giles seems like a long term project we could take a flyer on but I’m not sure if he’s an immediate answer that would play a lot or help in the playoffs. If the price is low enough, absolutely take a good long look at him. Otherwise, as you mentioned, it might be worth it to just wait and see if we can get him on the open market.


Let’s not mess around

Hayward, Romeo, Timelord, 2020 1st pick and 2021 first pick .


Karl Anthony Towns and Robert Covington.

Sure. Let’s call it into the league office right now. Before the Wolves wake up.


Drummond + Gallinari for Hayward

I have it explained in a fanpost.

Points for creativity, though I’m not sure what kind of picks the Pistons and Thunder would require in order to motivate them to make these deals.

Besides, my big hang-up with Drummond is that he doesn’t solve the defensive need at center. Presumably the Celtics would need to sign both guys in the offseason as well and that would be tying up a lot of cash in that core going forward.


Trade Idea

No trade for now; maybe just on February 6 if something falls in. Not sanguine ….

Sometimes the best trades are the ones you don’t make.

Thanks everyone. Fun exercise. Should be an interesting trade season as always.