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Potential trade target: Nemanja Bjelica

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John Hollinger came up with this idea on the Athletic.

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NBA: Orlando Magic at Sacramento Kings Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone is going to be drawn to big names and splashy moves at the deadline, but I’m much more interested in smaller deals for guys that can help our bench, regardless of their position.

John Hollinger had one idea (note that this is his idea and he is not reporting it as a rumor) that makes a lot of sense (via The Athletic - hat tip to sriram12078 in the comments for pointing this out).

[update: to be fair, John Karalis had this idea a week ago as well]

Nemanja Bjelica, Sacramento – I’ve heard no chatter about Bjelica, and frankly I’m surprised. He’s a nice piece for a lot of teams – especially Boston or the Clippers – because he can stretch the floor (41.7 percent from 3), handle the ball a little, and play as a legit 4 or even a small-ball 5. He’s one of Sacramento’s best players, but the Kings have a frontcourt logjam with Harrison Barnes, Marvin Bagley and Richaun Holmes, and Bjelica is the oldest player on the rebuilding Kings at 31.

Salary-wise Hollinger points out that the Celtics can match by cobbling together Poirier and Semi. The Kings would probably want some kind of draft compensation as well. Bjelica is under contract for next year too.

Semi is largely redundant to Grant Williams and Poirier seems to be around purely for depth (though who knows how long Robert Williams will be out). Using some excess draft capital to shore up our bench scoring with a good shooter seems like a great idea.

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