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Very Important Game: LeBron James and the Lakers visit Boston Monday

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Beat L.A., Beat L.A., Beat L.A.

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Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam PantozziNBAE via Getty Images

Celtics, Lakers. Any year, any situation, this is always a huge game.

Yes, I realize that there’s a game tonight against the Suns and the players and coaches shouldn’t look past it - but I’m posting this sponsored post in time for you to get tickets in time - as if you needed motivation to get Celtics-Lakers tickets.

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I don’t need to remind anyone of the decades of history between these two teams or even of the recent personal history the Celtics have with LeBron James. But now there’s also the element of Anthony Davis. The Celtics were long focused on pursuing him via trade, hoarding draft picks and tradable salaries. Rumors ramped up this past offseason but between the high price and Davis’ preference to stay away from Boston he ended up heading to the Lakers instead. It was a huge haul for the Pelicans and L.A. certainly emptied out the cupboards to make it happen. However, things seem to have played out well enough for them so far.

The Lakers stand atop the league standings with a 33-8 record, boasting a top 5 offense and defense. Davis is a fringe MVP candidate and LeBron is engaged and showing more regular season effort than he has in recent seasons.

For their part the Celtics also have a top 5 defense but the offense has slipped a bit recently (down to 6th).

Matchups will be interesting. There’s nobody in the league that guards either LeBron James or Anthony Davis effectively for long stretches. Dwight Howard has had a great bounce back season and presents his own matchup issues. Old friends Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley are teammates again (for the enemy).

This game will be a big test for the Celtics but you can always count on a Boston team getting up for a Lakers game.

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