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Mike Gorman: Memories of Tommy Heinsohn and calling the Boston Celtics

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The duo are calling their 39th season together on the Boston Celtics beat. Gorman looks back at the years, gives his take on this year’s team and compares it to last year with the Causeway Street Podcast.

The game has changed in 39 years. Mike Gorman’s evolved, to both doing full Boston Celtics seasons, an influx of young talent to get to known and mixing in Brian Scalabrine.

Gorman has long told the story of him preparing extensive notes, researching all the players and pulling up immense lists of stats before a game. When Tommy saw them, he threw them aside and said to just talk about what’s going on in front of him.

Gorman adapted to that approach, and joined the Causeway Street Podcast for its 200th episode to share the memories of Tommy, changes to NBA broadcasting and the state of the Celtics.

“Nobody stumbles upon a basketball game,” Mike said. “To be honest with you I don’t do a lot of homework ... I sit next to Scal, I sit next to Tommy and I talk about what’s in front of me.”

It’s rare that Mike and Tommy sit together for games these days. He shared his favorite memory of Tommy, involving a collision between a broadcast and massive plate of seafood. They discussed his favorite Celtics, weighed on the experience of being around last season’s tumultuous group and projected where this current group could go.

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