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CelticsPod: January in review

There has been a plethora of content over the inaugural two months.

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As the CelticsPod podcast show draws its second month to a close, it feels like a good time to start getting some feedback. There has been a plethora of content over the inaugural two months, with plenty more planned in the pipeline.

This month, Cedric Maxwell and Josue Pavon joined the show live from the TD Garden, topics ranging from the Celtics win against the Lakers to Romeo Langford’s journey in the NBA so far. Having a two-time Celtics champion winner on the show was great, while his perspectives provided insight into how players view the game differently to that of the fans.

Then there was the debate between two random Celtics fans from Twitter regarding Marcus Smart’s true value to the team. The debate was raised due to Smart’s increased shooting and certain factions of social media claimed this was causing his defense to take a backseat. Which side of the argument did you agree with? Do you consider him a trade chip?

What about Gordon Hayward? This episode was released as a precursor to the article I released defending Gordon Hayward and another showcasing Hayward at point-forward article. That episode also looked at possible trade scenarios that could provide the Celtics with some much needed shooting off the bench, while keeping the core of the team intact. There isn’t much wiggle room to enable that to happen though, so the options were limited.

When Jayson Tatum dropped his career high on the Pelicans, we were joined by Preston Ellis of The Bird Writes who are SB Nation’s New Orleans site. Preston covered the potential banana skin game the Celtics would play in New Orleans, with his predictions proving correct as Zion and Derrick Favors closed the lanes and dominated the paint. He also spoke glowingly about Tatum and Jaylen Brown following their escapades in the home game that had just taken place, which didn’t do Preston no favors online after the episode had been released.

There have been many other episodes released throughout this month, but these are my personal pick of the bunch. You may have enjoyed ones that are completely different to the above, and if so, let us know which ones they were in the comments section.

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