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7 thoughts a week from the trade deadline

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All is quiet on the Celtics’ trade front ...for now.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 29 Louisville at Boston College Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The NBA trade deadline is just a week away and thus far we haven’t heard many legitimate rumors surrounding the Boston Celtics. That’s sure to change as the deadline approaches and we’ll be doing more coverage than this (don’t you worry) but this seemed like a good time to jot down some random thoughts before things get going.

  1. The discussion typically starts with “the Celtics need a big man” but for a variety of reasons that we’ve covered in this space, it would be hard to find the right guy at the right price. The proverbial “guy that can slow down Embiid and Giannis” are few and far between (and we lost two of them this offseason). Theis and Kanter have been a surprisingly effective 1-2 punch and Grant Williams is producing solid minutes as a smallball 5. It would be great if they could add some depth to this spot (in particular if Robert Williams isn’t going to be healthy soon) but I’m not overly worried if they can’t find someone at the deadline.
  2. Shooting always helps and depth scoring is always a need. It might be easier to find a guy like that. Nemanja Bjelica and Davis Bertans are my favorite names that keep coming up in trade ideas but I’m sure there are other names as well.
  3. This team has a lot of rookies and rookies aren’t always ready for prime time - in particular in the playoffs. Adding a vet or two (Jae Crowder? DeMarre Carroll?) for depth would give Brad Stevens some more reliable options to turn to in pressure situations.
  4. I get the arguments for trading Gordon Hayward. He’s a positive asset with the kind of salary that could bring back a difference maker (or 2 or 3). He’s a bit repetitive to our core pieces. He’s injured a lot. All fine and valid points (and I’m sure that you’ll add more in the comments below that I’ve missed). I’m just a fan of keeping a no-ego guy that fills in a lot of holes and can produce at an All Star level when called upon to do so. Maybe part of it is just kind-of karma related as well. After ditching Isaiah Thomas and watching Kyrie and Horford leave, I just want to see the Celtics hang on to a good guy that has gone through a lot and gives his all for the team.
  5. I think Vincent Poirier is the guy that is most likely to be thrown into a trade to match salaries and/or create a roster spot. It would be nice to get a big man to backfill his spot as it would leave us even thinner in the frontcourt. Kanter has a higher salary that might be needed to bring someone back, but he’s been very productive in certain situations. Semi Ojeleye has been more productive lately and he’s useful on defense in the playoffs but if the Celtics need to move him I think they can do so knowing that Grant Williams can sop up his minutes.
  6. There are seldom difference makers on the buyout market (I remember being so excited that we got Troy Murphy one year) but that might be a way we can fill in some depth on the wing or at the center spot.
  7. It is impossible to read the tea leaves accurately at this time of year. Sometimes there’s a lot of rumors and no action, sometimes there’s no rumors and a surprise move comes out of nowhere, and sometimes it is just rather uneventful. But it is always fun to follow along and debate what the team should and shouldn’t do. Enjoy it and try not to take it too seriously.

Stay tuned for lots of updates, articles, and breaking news throughout the week.