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Must Cs: Celtics tried to surprise Jayson Tatum with All-Star selection

Boston avoided multiple runs by the Warriors to win their fifth game in six nights. Still, Brad Stevens said “we weren’t a great offensive team.”

Golden State Warriors Vs. Boston Celtics at TD Garden Photo by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The Celtics won, paid tribute to Kobe Bryant and celebrated Jayson Tatum’s all-star announcement in an eventful night at TD Garden. Brad Stevens left unimpressed, knowing Marcus Smart’s threes sealed a game that Boston otherwise didn’t play well in.

With 20 turnovers, sloppy sets and the defense allowing two runs back within 10 he said far better play will be necessary on Philadelphia.

Brad Stevens: “(Jayson Tatum) and Jaylen Brown have both played like all-stars.”

Stevens lost a coach’s challenge for the second straight night, then laughed with the official and jokingly blamed his staff in charge of challenges for their recent failures there. He didn’t call out the person in particular, but did stress that the team needs to improve offensively to beat the 76ers — a big jump from the 10-win Warriors.

Jayson Tatum: “I had a good feeling.”

Deuce Tatum meant to break the news to Tatum with a “my dad’s an all-star” at TD Garden. The national TV broadcast announced he’d join the team shortly before and Tatum had a feeling already when Deuce found him on the court. Tatum scored 20 points in 23 minutes in his return from a groin strain, “I wanted to cry.”

The Garden Report — Did Jaylen Brown get snubbed?

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