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CelticsPod month in review

It has been slightly over a month since the CelticsPod show began. Catch up on all fourteen episodes.

NBA: Boston Celtics-Media Day Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a month since the CelticsPod show began, with a total of fourteen episodes to date. The episodes have ranged in topics, from game recaps to mailbags. There have been some great guests, too. We have had Jared Weiss of The Athletic, MassLive’s John Karalis, CLNS’s Nick Gelso, and CelticsBlog’s own Bobby Manning with more to come in the coming weeks. Each guest brought a different opinion to the table and provided great perspective on the team.

Nick gave his opinion on Isaiah Thomas being ejected for confronting a fan, even diving into the opinions of ex-players and media following a public online disagreement between Cedric Maxwell and Jeff Goodman.

John Karalis spoke on the best and worst possibilities of Boston running their “best 5” line-up in upcoming games, most notably in the playoffs, and dove into that lineup’s weaknesses and strengths.

CelticsBlog alum Jared Weiss joined us in early December to discuss the improvements he has seen from each player on the roster through the early part of the season. Brenden and I were also probing him to give us some lesser known nicknames for the squad. Apparently, Jaylen Brown would like to be known by a superhero name - which apparently he missed out on due to Marcus Smart getting dubbed Wolverine by the locker room.

Bobby Manning was on a train to the TD Garden when he joined the podcast, heading to watch the Pistons vs. Celtics game as a member of the press. He had great insight into his thoughts on the roster and what could (and did) transpire in the game made this episode a great listen. With his experience of running the CLNS post-game show, Bobby brought an enjoyable on-air presence to the episode - although he did (and still does) assume I’m from London because I am English. Let’s keep that one running though.

The most recent episode was regarding the team’s rebounding following the revenge Toronto took on the Celtics for their Christmas Day win. Did Toronto create a blueprint for the rest of the league? or was it just an off-night for the Celtics like last night’s loss to the Wizards?

Moving forwards though, Brenden will be stepping down to one episode a week, which will be aired each Monday, due to new California legislation in 2020. More can be read here.

Due to this change, I will be joined by Justin Trombino for the majority of episodes with Sundays being all three of us together. Justin is a long time Celtics fan who is based in Boston and has a great knowledge base on the team, both past and present.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have been listening and those of you who took time to submit questions for our mailbag. Interact with us; it’s a great feeling when listeners become involved and start to build a rapport. It’s the most rewarding part of running a podcast/show.

The biggest compliment is referring the show to a friend or leaving a five-star review on your platform of choice. My email address is in my bio, so if you have suggestions on something you would like changed, feel free to email it over. I will take all ideas and criticism to make sure the show is giving you what you want from it.

If you haven’t been listening to the show, but would like to, below is a list of each major platform you can find the show on:

* Apple * Spotify * Stitcher * * TuneIn

Here is to a great first month for CelticsPod and I look forward to bringing you more episodes of the show in the coming weeks, months, and years.