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Danny Ainge Celtics EXIT INTERVIEW Video and Coverage

Danny Ainge delivered his exit interview, addressing lots of work ahead in this short offseason for a team that wasn’t good enough.

Los Angeles Clippers v Boston Celtics Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Danny Ainge assessed the Boston Celtics after they lost to the Miami Heat in 6 games to close their season short of the NBA Finals again for the 10th straight season. Ainge felt the team could’ve fared better with a healthy Gordon Hayward and Romeo Langford. He also said Kemba Walker was never himself in the NBA Bubble.

Ainge previewed what could be a busier offseason than people expect. While not regretful of the trade deadline, he said the Celtics tried earnestly to acquire players they wanted that they’ll revisit this offseason. He also said the Celtics expect to extend Jayson Tatum when they’re allowed to begin negotiations.

On the trade deadline, Ainge didn’t express regret, saying they tried to make moves that they could revisit this summer, noting that if they knew they’d receive a second training camp they could’ve approached the deadline differently.

“We learned that we’re not good enough,” Ainge said. “We have a lot of work to do.”

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