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Topic: Post your best Boston Celtics trade ideas

Be the best armchair Danny Ainge you can be.

Houston Rockets v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

NBA GM’s can’t complete trades yet, so you’ve still got time to spark the idea that makes the next great Celtics trade. Post your favorite trade ideas in the comments below.

Bonus points for trades that actually make sense for both sides and might actually happen. Best idea is to use one of the trade machines and post a link to it and explain why it makes sense for each team.

Then again, let’s get silly and give bonus points for the most lopsided trades. Or go ahead and give us the most complicated trades possible. 4 team or 5 team trades are welcome as well. But if the money doesn’t work, you get tossed out for total incompetence. I don’t make up the rules (oh wait, I guess I just did).

I know up front that there are going to be a lot of Hayward ideas, which is fine. He’s the biggest potential salary going out and you can get really creative with that. I think I’d also like to read some ideas with some of the other players. You might have to make some assumptions with Kanter’s player option or make a GM call on the Ojeleye team option. When in doubt, check first with Keith’s offseason primers.

Also feel free to comment on and recommend people’s ideas (as always, be respectful). Maybe if we have enough interest we can put together the best trade ideas and put them up for a vote. So give us your best ideas!

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