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Celtics Offseason Preview, Trade Ideas and NBA Draft on the Garden Report

The Garden Report crew kicks around some offseason Trade scenarios involving the Boston Celtics.

John Zannis, Josue Pavon, Jimmy Toscano and Bobby Manning discussed how to best handle Hayward’s free agency on the Garden Report (21:21), plus trade possibilities for Marcus Smart (00:00), the upcoming NBA Draft on Nov. 18 (32:03) along with reaction to the Lakers winning their 17th championship (48:20) and LeBron James’ fourth (37:17) in his chase to match Michael Jordan.

The case for the Celtics to TRADE Marcus Smart

The Garden Report assesses the Celtics’ trade options, including Marcus Smart’s team-friendly contract. Bill Simmons pitched an idea on his podcast to use Smart to trade up in the draft as high as to the Warriors spot at No. 2.

Pacers interested in Gordon Hayward, should Celtics trade him?

The Pacers reportedly still have interest in acquiring Gordon Hayward from the Celtics, according to SNY’s Ian Begley. The report continued a month of speculation that Boston could find willing trade partners if Hayward opts into his $34 million player option. Trading Hayward would allow the Celtics to fill out $30 million in salary they would not get back should Hayward depart after the 2021 season. Boston could also work out a long-term deal with Hayward if he opts out, but his injury history makes that a risky proposition.

Did LeBron James solidify GOAT status over Michael Jordan in NBA Finals?

LeBron James pulled within 4 titles to Michael Jordan’s 6 in reaching his 9th NBA Finals in 10 years. The Lakers championship marked his third with three different teams and a record Finals MVP award in his 17th season. Longevity is building a massive argument for James as the greatest basketball player ever, but Jordan’s peak years, six titles in eight years with zero Finals losses, remains alluring to many. How do you feel, did this year change anything, or set the basis for a path to surpass MJ?

NBA Draft Preview, should the Celtics move up?

Addressing some NBA Draft movement possibilities about one month from the Nov. 18 event. The Celtics hold picks 14, 26 and 30, but don’t have enough roster space currently to use all three. Can they move up? A draft with few perceived certainties and a desire at the top to move back could open the door for Danny Ainge to consolidate.

Are Celtics or Lakers greatest NBA FRANCHISE after LA wins “Banner 17?”

The Lakers won their “17th banner” between Los Angeles and Minneapolis to tie the Celtics for most in basketball history. The Lakers have now won six in the time that Boston’s won one, in 2008, with the potential for more with LeBron James and Anthony Davis as their core. Do the Celtics still have a hold on the title for greatest franchise, or will they need to reach 18 first to get it back?

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