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Danny Ainge NBA Draft Press Conference (Video)

Ainge previewed the Celtics’ approach and Kemba Walker’s status ahead of a “battle” of a week with the draft, free agency and trade season opening up within days.

Danny Ainge spoke one week ahead of the NBA Draft about the Celtics strategy with the 14, 26, and 30 picks, plus a second rounder. He doesn’t see Boston selecting four players and has talked to every team in the NBA about trades. There’s been tons of conversation, he said, and if a deal makes sense Boston will strike. He also updated Kemba Walker, who he expects to be ready for the season in December with his knee injury, but may require some maintenance. Ainge is targeting shooting and athleticism in the draft, which is on Wed. Nov. 18.

Can the Celtics move up?

With the NBA draft approaching, CLNS Media’s Bobby Manning and Mariah Janos discuss the Celtics option for their three first round draft picks. Danny Ainge spoke to the media on Wednesday discussing a variety of trade and strategy details Boston will pursue in one week.

Kemba Walker Injury Update

With the start of the NBA season just over a month away, Kemba Walker’s health status is up in the air. Walker has been dealing with a knee injury since last season and according to Danny Ainge, he may or may not be ready for that December 22nd start date. CLNS Media’s Bobby Manning and Mariah Janos discuss whether or not they actually see Kemba being healthy in time and potential backup plans.

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