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What is your ideal Celtics offseason?

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Discuss in the comments. Be nice!

Celtics President Danny Ainge Speaks To Media Photo by Pat Greenhouse/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Ok, we’ve had a LOT of time to think about this. The NBA offseason kicks off any day now. Time to put together your thoughts and speak them into existence. Or to wow us with your intellect and ingenuity. Whatever motivates you to share your opinions in those comments down below.

For example, I feel like the Celtics have a few priorities this summer.

  • Give Jayson Tatum all the money
  • Figure out the Hayward situation
  • Add depth to the bench (preferably with veterans or productive young players)
  • Specifically target shooters, ball handlers, and bigs to round out our rotations

I’m a guy that still believes Hayward could be talked into an opt-out to sign a 3 year deal at a number both sides are comfortable with. If so, then we can focus on moving players at the end of the bench (Kanter, Poirier, Edwards) perhaps with some picks to bring in more productive veterans. In free agency I’d love to bring back Aron Baynes or bring in Harry Giles. Then perhaps in the draft we can still pick up a good long term solution at guard with the 14th pick. If we can do all that, I think I’d be pretty happy with the offseason.

Of course a lot of that hinges on Hayward’s willingness to play along. If he really wants out of Boston or just opts in for the final year of his deal, then I think things ramp up quickly with trade possibilities. I love Keith’s Orlando idea bringing back Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic. I’m not as crazy about the potential deals with Indiana.

But enough about me, what are your grand plans for the offseason? Take us through step by step or give us the overall goals you have. Oh, and remember to be nice to other people - everyone is entitled to their opinions.