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Trade Rumors and Tommy Heinsohn Memories - Garden Report

How Tommy Heinsohn’s legacy touched every era of Celtics fans, plus Jrue Holiday and NBA Draft thoughts ahead of a big week on the Garden Report.

This week’s Garden Report previewed the upcoming NBA offseason, which starts with the Draft, Free agency and trade season all starting next week. Danny Ainge spoke about talks with every team in the league, opening rumors about Boston potentially moving its picks, trading up and pursuing Jrue Holiday.

Would Kemba Walker be involved in a hypothetical deal? Can the 14th, 26th and 30th overall picks move Boston up significantly, and who should Boston target? Bobby Manning previews the draft, with memories from Nick Gelso, John Zannis and Jimmy Toscano about working with Tommy Heinsohn.

Kevin O’Connor reported that the Celtics may be interested in Pelicans guard Holiday, who has been made available for trade. The Garden Report discussed the possible scenarios, which would include Boston draft picks, a third team to fit the salary difference and maybe even Gordon Hayward.

Walker came up as a possible trade piece for the Celtics to acquire Holiday this week. Is a once untouchable asset now on the trade table due to his knee uncertainty? Danny Ainge updated Walker’s condition with cryptic mentions of maintenance and the importance of his offseason work. How likely is it that Walker will be full strength on Christmas and do you have any stomach for trading him already?

The Garden Report remembers Celtics icon Tommy Heinsohn, who died at 86 on Tuesday. Nick Gelso looked back on his coaching days and early moments calling Larry Bird games with Mike Gorman. John Zannis and Jimmy Toscano remembered working alongside him at NBC Sports Boston. Bobby emphasized how he touched a sixth generation of Celtics fans in an era where fans don’t buy into institutions and teams as much, and what Marcus Smart revealed about Tommy.

Bobby Manning previews the 2020 NBA Draft on Wednesday for the Celtics where they have three first round picks. Multiple reports have said they’re trying to move up or package those picks for a veteran. Their trade-up targets could include Devin Vassell, Isaac Okoro, Onyeka Okongwu and Killian Hayes who could all become future all stars, but the task of moving could be tough for the Celtics.

The Hawks are pursuing Holiday with the No. 6 pick and the Suns are shopping the No. 10 pick for Chris Paul. Who could Boston pick at No. 14? RJ Hampton, Kira Lewis and Tyrese Maxey are the most likely options.

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