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NBA Transaction Day One - Open Thread

Who’s ready for some NBA transactions!?

2020 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The NBA’s moratorium on transactions is going to be lifted at noon today. That means teams can officially start making trades and roster moves.

We’re already hearing rumors and reports of trades and transactions that will occur after the kickoff at noon.

We won’t likely know about the options on Gordon Hayward or Enes Kanter until after the draft, and most of the bigger trades are likely to occur during draft night, but there are always some deals that occur before the draft. Sometimes they are of the smaller variety, but occasionally you’ll have a blockbuster drop.

NBA teams have had 8 months to think about moves they want to make and you know that by now teams, agents, players, and everyone in between has had some time to “backchannel” interest enough that we should be getting some deals right after the moratorium is lifted.

So follow along here and post your reactions in the comments below.

I mean, just look at the face on Adam Silver. He’s ready to go too!

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