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Rumor: Celtics have “no interest” in James Harden trade

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Unless they do, in which case you can’t believe anything.

Houston Rockets v Boston Celtics Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

As soon as you hear that a star player is on the trade market you know without a doubt that at some point the Celtics are going to be connected with them. So it was no surprise that people started to speculate about James Harden going to the Celtics.

What would it take to bring The Beard to Boston? Would the Celtics have to give up Jaylen Brown? How would he fit next to Jayson Tatum? To me it all sounded like the proverbial cart outpacing the horse.

The following report from Mark Muprhy poured some cold water all over that speculation.

Given the price the Bucks just paid for Jrue Holiday, I’m almost afraid to ask what it would take to get James Harden, and frankly I’m happy to not think about that.

This doesn’t mean that the rumor is dead though. The internet will not let something like this die easily.

And now we have Dinner-gate. Remember when Rondo met Kevin Love at Fenway? Good times.

I don’t buy it but maybe that’s because I’d rather have many more years of Jaylen Brown than a couple with Harden.