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Rumor: The Celtics and the Warriors discussed a Marcus Smart trade for the No. 2 pick

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Probably a due diligence discussion that leaked; there’s not much to see here.

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

The 2020 NBA Draft is just hours away, so it’s time to get funky. Earlier this morning, there was a report that the Celtics are aiming not just for a high lottery pick but for a TOP THREE pick, and now, Action Network’s Matt Moore is adding fuel to that fire, reporting that the Celtics and the Warriors discussed a trade that would have sent Marcus Smart to San Francisco in exchange for the second overall pick with which the Cs would have likely selected James Wiseman.

Moore went on to add that this doesn’t mean that the Celtics are actively shopping Marcus Smart. He’s an integral piece of the team, but as a general manager, you have to do due diligence. Just because this report surfaced, that doesn’t mean that Danny Ainge and Joe Lacob were locked in (mentally) on intense conversations surrounding Smart and the pick. There’s a wide range of possibilities that could have led to this report, including a phone call that maybe went a little like this:

Ainge: “Hey, Joe, I hear you’re trying to trade that pick you got there. What are you looking for?”

Lacob:”Hey buddy, funny you should ask. We were thinking one of your young (and good) guys and some draft compensation.”

Ainge: “We’ll, it’s kind of tough to match salaries. What about, let’s see, uh...Robert Williams? No? How do you feel about Smart?”

Lacob: “That’s not exactly what we’re looking for, but how about [insert counter offer]”

Ainge: “Well, that’s an interesting proposal. We’re not all in on that idea. We’ll call you another time, but good talk.”

*Nearby assistant GM or office intern overhears conversation and then proceeds to text media members that they discussed a Marcus Smart trade*

And there you go!

All jokes aside, maybe the conversations were serious. In any case, the report indicates that talks have ceased currently. There’s no indication of which party walked away and who offered what. Any rumor that pops up between now and the end of the night – unless they’re reports of actual transactions – will likely be full of “almost got ‘em” accounts.

Moore did include a couple of interesting tidbits, including the fact that the Atlanta Hawks and the Celtics might end up looping in the Cleveland Cavaliers (who hold the fifth pick) in any potential Gordon Hayward sign-and-trade scenarios as a third team. He also included a caveat that it’s very likely that Enes Kanter has suited up for the Celtics for the last time as he’s likely on the move in either a trade after he opts in or as a free agent.

Finally, it’s important to note as Moore did that the Celtics are not actively shopping Marcus Smart. Every GM talks about every player, including Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Conversations happen all the time beyond even the ones that are leaked. Smart is an important piece for the Celtics, and they won’t move him just for the sake of moving him.

Strap in; it’s going to be a wild few hours.