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Gordon Hayward, 76ers TRADE rumors and when will NBA Start? - Garden Report

John, Josue, Jimmy and Bobby weigh in on Hayward trade rumors, the 76ers hiring Daryl Morey and the NBA start date debate.

Gordon Hayward dominated the Celtics news cycle last week with revelation that the Hawks could pursue him, the Pacers remain interested in trading for him and he may opt out of his Celtics contract (00:00).

The Philadelphia 76ers hired Daryl Morey to join Doc Rivers and Elton Brand in a signal that the roster could change to better fit Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons (29:55). Then, the NBA is deliberating over starting on December 22, but LeBron James supposedly doesn’t like it (42:27).

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Why would Gordon Hayward leave and would it hurt the Celtics?

Bobby Marks on the Zach Lowe Podcast reported that there’s noise around Gordon Hayward potentially going the Al Horford route from the summer of 2019 and opting out of his hefty player option with the Celtics. Why would he do that? The emergence of interest from teams like the Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks puts him in position to choose a destination, rather than leaving Boston to possibly trade him. The Celtics may be able to get good future pieces if they trade Hayward, but if he leaves outright, what would be the impact on the team?

What is your BEST TRADE IDEA for Gordon Hayward, Celtics?

The second half of the Garden Report’s Gordon Hayward conversation including the Pacers, Trailblazers and other possible trade scenarios mentioned by Zach Lowe on his podcast. The sign-in trade possibility of flipping Hayward to the Pacers for Myles Turner and others is intriguing given the long-term equity that the Celtics would maintain in multiple role players, whereas Hayward on a one-year deal could walk with Boston gaining nothing at the end of the year. Other ideas see the Celtics selling much lower, what would you like to see the team get back if they go that route?

Will Daryl Morey TRADE Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons from 76ers?

There’s a new boss in Philadelphia and although Elton Brand still runs the 76ers front office, Daryl Morey joined him this week from the Rockets rounding out a heavy week of hiring for the 76ers. With Doc Rivers as coach and Morey dictating the future roster construction, is this the end of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons together, or will they get a chance to make it work? How will the team with the least spacing in the NBA possibly play Morey-ball, and are they suddenly a bigger threat in the East?

NBA Wants Christmas Season Start, LeBron James + players push for MLK

Danny Green said on The Ringer last week that LeBron James would probably sit out the first month of the NBA season if the league started on Christmas, less than three months after the Lakers wont he NBA Finals. Eight teams haven’t played since March including the Knicks, Hawks and Warriors. The NBA wants to avoid the summer and return to a normal calendar, but the Players union wants to start on Martin Luther King Day, which could conflict with the Olympics into June and July. What is the ideal league start date?