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Jayson Tatum EXTENSION, No Go on Bogdan and Tristan Thompson Signs

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The Garden Report takes on Bogdan Bogdanovic rumors and the Celtics’ round of free agent signings, plus leftovers from the Gordon Hayward departure.

CLNS Media breaks down ALL the latest Celtics Free Agent news including Jayson Tatum’s mega extension and the signing of Tristan Thompson. Will Thompson be a significant upgrade for Boston? Could the Celtics have been better going with Serge Ibaka? The Garden Report group also debated signing Jeff Teague versus returning Brad Wanamaker, then debates the Bogdan Bogdanovic theory that enveloped Celtics twitter before his signing an offer sheet with the Atlanta Hawks likely nixed that possibility.

John Zannis, Josue Pavon, Jimmy Toscano and Bobby Manning host a recap of the Celtics free agency period as their roster is complete at 15 players, for now.

Celtics sign Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum and the Celtics signed their long-awaited 5 year extension on Sunday with a 5th year option for the Boston superstar. Will he remain a Boston superstar for the foreseeable future, or will he look elsewhere as soon as 2025 when he can become a free agent? Tatum will make $195 million and upward of $200 million with incentives as only the third rookie extension signed by Danny Ainge after Rajon Rondo and Jaylen Brown.

NBA Free Agency: Tristan Thompson to the Celtics

The Celtics signed Tristan Thompson to a 2 year, $19 million deal on Saturday bolstering a center position many fans wanted to see improved after Boston struggled against Bam Adebayo and the Heat inside. Thompson is a NBA champion and long-time elite rebounder who the Cavaliers selected toward the beginning of last decade. A solid pick-and-roll player a defender, he is part of the Kardashian circle and is also a former heated Celtics rival. How do you feel about the signing?

CELTICS NEWS: Jeff Teague or Brad Wanamaker?

The Celtics added Jeff Teague on a veterans minimum deal and let Brad Wanamaker walk to the Warriors as the reshaping of their bench continues. How much does Teague have left after stints with the Timberwolves and Hawks? What does Boston lose in Wanamaker?

NBA RUMORS: Ainge, Celtics WANT Bogdan Bogdanovic

Jared Weiss among others on Celtics Twitter suggested that the Celtics could use a $30 million trade exception from the Hornets for Gordon Hayward to acquire Bogdan Bogdanovic from the Kings in a sign-and-trade. That dream is likely dead with Bogdan signing a 4 year, $72 million offer sheet with the Atlanta Hawks. The Kings can match and keep Bogdanovic, keeping the dream of acquiring him alive for the Celtics into the 2021 season, but for now the “miss” underscores how Boston still has nothing to show for losing Gordon Hayward.

NBA FREE AGENCY: Celtics and Hornets talk Hayward trade

It looked like the Hornets would cut Nicolas Batum and sign Gordon Hayward outright, leaving the Celtics with nothing when news dropped on Saturday. Now, Charlotte and Boston are talking about a Hayward sign-and-trade that could land Danny Ainge a $30 million trade exception. How would that change how we feel about Hayward leave, and could it actually be better than a Pacers package of Myles Turner and Doug McDermott?

Can Aaron Nesmith or Romeo Langford replace Gordon Hayward?

When the Celtics lost Al Horford for nothing last offseason and traded Aron Baynes, Daniel Theis comfortably slid over to the center position and had a top 10-15 season of any center in the NBA last year. Now that Gordon Hayward left the Celtics and no wings remain, the Romeo Langford and Aaron Nesmith pressure increases. Langford rarely played in his rookie season and is out into this next NBA season with an ankle injury. Nesmith enters as an unproven rookie. Them and Semi Ojeleye will be tasked with filling the bench minutes at the wing.

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