KD looks like he hasnt lost a step and his shot is still money. Honestly this not only changes the landscape of the eastern conference, but the entire NBA. Your talking about a motivated Durant too, I think he feels like hes got some things he wants to prove with this team. That was the biggest question mark going into the season, and hes answered it in a big way over the past 10 days. Alot of people forgot how skilled he is and how physically gifted hes is. Were talking about a top 3 player in the league, arguably number 1, and he plays defense at a very high level aswell.

If the Nets (KD) can stay healthy, they will take home the trophy this year in my opinion. On paper its the Nets, the Lakers and everyone else. It really hurts as a celtic fan to say this and admit it, but its true. Both organizations caught lightning in a bottle with their FA signings. To me what separates the Nets is the fact that they are so deep. Aside from KD, Kyrie, they go a legit 10-11 deep. Harris, Dinwiddie, Lavert, Prince, Allen, Jordan, Shamet, Green, etc.....Alot of their second unit guys would start on 3/4 of the rosters in the NBA. I know we are only 2 games into the season but this team could do some historic things this year. Offensively they could be on par with those Warrior teams from a couple years ago, and they can play solid D aswell, which is really all theyll have to do. As much as I cant stand Kyrie, this Nets team is gonna be entertaining and fun to watch this year

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