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Must C’s: Isaiah Thomas tweets about return to Boston

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Cleveland Cavaliers Vs Boston Celtics At TD Garden Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In his most recent editorial for The Boston Globe, Gary Washburn posits the return of one of Boston’s favorite players during the Brad Stevens era:

But the Celtics need more than they have now to compete for a championship. Walker will eventually return and president of basketball operations Danny Ainge will use that $28.5 million trade exception on an impactful player, but that may not happen until the March 25 trade deadline.

The quandary for the Celtics is their roster is full at 17. To add another player, they would have to remove a current player. The question Ainge has to ask himself is whether adding a free agent now would make a significant impact or is it best to allow Stevens to figure out rotations and roles over the next few weeks.

There is one particular proven scorer on the market and looking for work and his name is Isaiah Thomas. If offense is the bench’s weakness, it would seem sensible to sign a player who can score. Thomas is unsigned because of years of hip issues that he maintains are finally over after a corrective surgery earlier this year.

After finishing the season with the Wizards last year and being trade ballast in a deal to the Clippers, Thomas has been recovering from hip surgery and hasn’t played in the NBA since February 3rd, 2020. In a recent profile by The Globe’s Adam Himmelsbach, he said, “I mean, I was blowing by people. I haven’t blown by anybody since I had a Celtics uniform on...I really feel like I’m back.” Here’s IT on his availability:

The Celtics could certainly use his scoring off the bench and bringing back IT would add juice to what will be a draining regular season.