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What could the Celtics pursue with the trade exception? - Garden Report

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The Celtics have $28 million to spend in potential trades, though the list of potential acquisitions this year may not woo you.

Do you believe Gordon Hayward, Pacers or Danny Ainge?

The Garden Report debates Gordon Hayward leaving the Celtics for the Hornets one more time as John Zannis, Josue Pavon, Jimmy Toscano and Bobby Manning join for the first time since Danny Ainge and Gordon Hayward explained their moves on media day. Hayward and Ainge both seemed aligned that he wanted a bigger role and got it in Charlotte. The rest is a mystery. Did Hayward always want Charlotte? Did the Pacers offer Boston too little? Did Ainge hold out for too much? The GR continued to debate the winners and losers from the Hayward fallout and how Hayward’s absence impacts the Celtics with Kemba Walker out.

How much will Kemba Walker injury hurt the Celtics?

Kemba Walker is out until January and the Garden Report took its first deep dig into what his absence means for the Celtics in 2021. Will Kemba miss some time and then return to form later in the season after a stem cell injection? That’s the hope he displayed at his media day interview in Boston to begin training camp.

What Celtics Could Get With Trade Exception

The Celtics own a $28 million trade exception after dealing Gordon Hayward to the Hornets in a sign-and-trade. They can use it to acquire salary by itself in a trade or use it with other assets to acquire a more valuable player, it cannot, however...

1) Be combined with other player salaries for matching purposes

2) Be used by another team “receiving” it in a trade

3) Be combined with other trade exceptions in a deal, like the $5 million one Boston owns for Enes Kanter and $2 million for Vincent Poirier

It basically allows the Celtics absorb salary outright or match salary in any trade. Who could Boston target?

What to expect from Celtics Nets on Christmas

Kyrie Irving will return to TD Garden for his first regular season game against the Celtics when the Nets face Boston on Christmas Day. The Celtics and Nets play after the Warriors and Bucks, before the Mavericks and Lakers at 5 EST. It follows a preseason matchup between Boston and Brooklyn, the potential east favorite with Kyrie back and Kevin Durant returning for the first time since the 2019 NBA Finals. What do you expect from the Nets this year, and will Kyrie succeed against his old team?

Russell Westbrook TRADED to Wizards and Send Rockets John Wall

The Wizards and Rockets swapped John Wall and Russell Westbrook in a blockbuster trade on Wednesday night that might change nothing, as both stars are damaged and signed on massive deals through 2023.

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