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Celtics sign Amile Jefferson to Exhibition 10 deal

Jayson Tatum’s former teammate now has a chance to compete for a roster spot.

Boston Celtics v Orlando Magic Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images

You’ve seen All-NBA Jayson Tatum. This offseason we got our first look at Max Contract Jayson Tatum. Now, it’s time for us to get our first look at Assistant GM Jayson Tatum.

That was five days ago. This was today:

Listen, if Jayson Tatum’s going to be here for the long run, I’d sign Deuce Tatum to an Exhibition 10 contract if I could. What is an Exhibition 10 contract, you might ask? It’s a minimum contract that allows for a team to retain a player’s rights to play for their G-League affiliate (in this case, the Maine Red Claws) if that player is waived in training camp.

Amile Jefferson, who will sign an Exhibition 10 deal with the Boston Celtics, will have a chance to compete for the 15-man roster over the next couple of weeks, but if he is waived, he can agree to be retained as a G-League player (and collect a bonus for it). Additionally, Jefferson can collect that bonus if his contract is converted into a two-way contract. If he were to surprise the Celtics enough for the team to give up up on Tremont Waters or Tacko Fall, he could take one of their spots as a two-way player for the Cs this season.

Amile Jefferson was a fifth-year senior with the Duke Blue Devils in Jayson Tatum’s one and only collegiate season. In that season, he averaged 10.9 points, 8.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists on 61% shooting. He last played for the Orlando Magic last season before getting waived in February. With Orlando, in just 4.1 minutes per game, he averaged 0.8 points and 1.3 rebounds.

The Boston Celtics are set to open training camp with group workouts this weekend ahead of their preseason debut against the Philadelphia 76ers on December 15th.

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