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Singing a-Capela: Answering your mailbag questions

Looking for depth via trade.

Memphis Grizzlies v Boston Celtics Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Got some great questions from the group (as usual). My League Pass is on the fritz tonight so I’m doing this instead (hoping to catch the replay later). I’m also trying to get these answered before my answers become obsolete (things are moving fast all of a sudden) so here you go.

Bust out your crystal ball (or flip a coin) for a simple question - will they make a move? - ThePosterFormerlyKnownAs_________

I think they will. It sounds like Ainge is looking for some bench depth and is willing to give up some younger players to get it done. That sounds like a good way to make an upgrade.

Now or later - Do you think we use a few assets for a moderate/short term move or maintain assets and wait till summer for a big trade….or neither? - Motor City Kid

Ainge has been conservative at the deadline in recent years but I think part of that was hoarding assets for a potential run at some of the big names like Anthony Davis. A name like that becoming available seems less likely this offseason so it might finally be time for Ainge to give up a few of his assets for a more win-now player. I don’t think he cashes in all of his chips, but we don’t really need 3 more draft picks this summer and we do need bench help right now. So I think he makes a medium to small type move with them.

Capela? If he is available, would you trade Kanter, Theis and Green and or Ojeleye for him. I’m thinking of a three team trade with Memphis that allows them to get their first round pick and a package players above, and they send Iguodala to Houston and the Celts get Capela. Fair Trade? - MPLBaller

The idea of Capela has grown on me. He’s a capable rim runner and rebounder who would (in theory) fit well into the Celtics scheme. Combining that move with an Iggy deal seems like the end game the Rockets are looking for as well.

Personally I would be fine with a package of Poirier, Kanter, Langford, and a pick (not the Memphis pick). I’d prefer to keep Theis out of the equation and Marcus Smart is firmly out of the question.

This is probably the biggest impact deal I could see going down for the Celtics this week.

[Update: It appears that Daniel Theis has injured his foot. We’ll have to see how serious it is, but that might make a Capela deal even more appealing to the Celtics.]

What about our draft picks for next year... Do we have enough space for all of our draft picks or do we have to make a lil’ trade with some of our picks? And if we have room for all of them, don’t we have too many young guys on the roster? - Meister24

Theoretically Ainge could hold on to the picks and try to package them in the offseason around draft time. As we’ve seen in recent years, however, you can’t always find buyers at the value you are looking for. Besides, I do think that we’re overloaded with young players. That makes for an easier time filling out the payroll because those players are cost controlled. But it limits you in terms of bench depth and guys you can trust in a playoff series. Eventually he’s going to need to consolidate those picks and young players. I’d prefer sooner to later but it has to be for the right package.

Would you include the Memphis pick in an Bertans trade? - dylan&townes

I don’t think it would take that to get him so no. I think our own first might get the deal done depending on who else is included for salary purposes. I could be wrong about that though. These things are fluid this time of year and it is hard to tell when a team like the Wizards is honest in their intent to hang on to guys.

Thoughts on Andre Iguodala as buyout candidate? Fit? Cost? Might as well go all in on the 3 wing lineup. A veteran, can make plays, can defend, can mentor the team. I personally think he’d be an awesome addition to what we are already doing. - Ainge loves Elie

I’m sure they would love a guy like Iggy but all reports seem to indicate that he wants to go to one of the Los Angeles teams.

Vinnie Sexpants for Morris

Markieff Morris, that is. Zach Lowe is reporting Detroit would move Morris for a second-rounder; we’d need to include matching salary, and Poirier fits. Vincent’s trade value is overall pretty low, but if you’re Detroit, you’re rebuilding and are probably in need of a Drummond replacement; why not see if Poirier can recapture some of his Euroleague magic?

Kieff provides bench shooting (40%) on treys and big-man insurance in case TL can’t get healthy. He could take Semi’s minutes right now and give us comparable toughness and defense (111 defensive rating vs. Semi’s 106) and much more scoring pop. And he’s under contract for next season, so it’s not like we’d be wasting a pick on a rental. - pdelevett

This is an interesting idea that I hadn’t considered before. He’s a veteran wing that could help out right away. Worth kicking the tires at least.

Apart from the “proven veteran leadership” role, how do you rate the Celtics own existing talent for stepping up to fill some of the apparent needs? Can a healthy Rob Will or a developing Vincent Poirier (or even Tacko Fall) be useful in the playoffs? Can Romeo Langford, Tremont Waters or Carson Edwards give the Cs some scoring punch? “Can” as in “could you rate the likelihood that it will happen”? - CelticsWest

Great question. I do think a healthy Robert Williams gives this team an added dimension that they could use. His pure length and athleticism is disruptive and can be a real weapon when he’s playing under control and in the right places. The only question is if he can get healthy in time to get enough reps to be useful by the playoffs. The real harmful part about him missing extended time is that he really needs to keep developing on the floor to be ready for a larger role down the line. Without those reps, he might just have to be a project for next year.

Poirier just doesn’t seem to have the right quickness or lateral movement to be a rotation guy in this system. I could be wrong but he hasn’t shown much here. Fall is fun but I think he’s still a year away from being useful in more than garbage time minutes.

I came into the season thinking that Edwards would be an immediate impact guy but that hasn’t worked out. Langford doesn’t seem hurried or lost but he’s pretty buried on the depth chart. Tremont is just a two-way guy for now, but he seems like the one that could actually see time in a playoff series (depending on the matchup). I will sound like an 80 year old man when I say this, but I like his moxie.

That’s it for me tonight folks. Thanks for writing and I hope you enjoy the deadline. As usual, stay tuned for updates all week.

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