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A personal note to the CelticsBlog community

Love each other with excellence.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Historical. Unprecedented. Bigger than basketball. There are a lot of words and phrases that are being tossed around related to the Coronavirus situation and the impact it is having on the basketball community. I’ll add another one, how about scary?

I’m not trying to fuel any panic. If anything, events like this call for rational thought and level heads. Research, read up on the topic to educate yourself, follow the news (while understanding the lens that they are projecting through). Then act responsibly with courtesy and love towards those around you.

On a personal note, I’m worried about my dad and my wife’s parents. I’m concerned for my neighbors and friends. The NBA players, team officials, stadium workers, and fans are all on a broad list of people that are on my mind and in my prayers, too. This is a global issue and the impacts are systemic and numerous. Far, far down the line of list in the category of inconvenience is my cancelled vacation plans. Oh yeah, and we’ve had NBA basketball taken away from us.

Times like this bring out the best and worst in people. Everyone copes with things in different ways so I always like to encourage people to follow the golden rule. Treat each other with love and respect as you would want to be treated. One of the wonderful things about this site is the community that has grown here over the years. We are here for each other and we can and will lift each other up.

I wish there was more I could do. For the moment we’ll keep putting up content and giving you all a place to react and share, or maybe just read and reflect. Some of it will be thoughtful, some will be light-hearted, and some will just be for information and situational awareness.

In short, we’ll go through this together.

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