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10 Takeaways: Things I’m doing without basketball

Who knew there were hobbies outside of the NBA?

Boston Celtics Day of Volunteerism at Ellis Elementary School Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Continuing with the promise to keep 10 Takeaways coming for CelticsBlog, here are 10 things I’m doing without basketball. The next version of 10 Takeaways will be basketball related, I promise!

Chime in through the comments with the things you are doing without basketball to watch!

1. Watching a lot of TV. During the NBA season my TV watching grinds almost to a halt. It’s basketball almost all of the time. Outside of a few shows I make time to watch with my wife, and a couple of shows we enjoy with our daughter, I just don’t have time.

So, I’ve been catching up on stuff on the DVR and a few shows we missed. It’s like summertime only in mid-March!

2. Re-watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If you follow me on Twitter, you know I love the MCU. It’s one of my favorite non-basketball things in the world. I’m re-watching the movies, but also the TV shows that intertwine around them. I missed a couple of the shows the first time around, so I’m excited to check them out and see how they fit in the bigger universe!

3. Reading. I’m mixing it up between fiction and non-fiction books. Non-fiction books include some sports books I had set aside for the summer, and a few biographies.

For fiction, I enjoy fantasy books. So, I’m finally going to tackle The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It’s always seemed too daunting, but I’ve got the time, so why not?

4. Sleeping. Not in a sleep the day away kind of way, actually quite the opposite. During the NBA season, and a chunk of the offseason, sleep is a precious commodity. I’m on the east coast, in Orlando, so I’m regularly up until 2:00 AM or so. I’m usually up for the day no later than 8:00 AM at the latest. It’s nice to be on a somewhat normal, and healthier, sleep schedule!

5. Hanging out with our daughter. As timing would have it, she started spring break just as things got really crazy. So, she was going to be home anyway. We’re hanging out and being goofballs. My wife is back to working from home now, after a few crazy days, so my daughter and I are looking forward to driving her crazy!

Our daughter also got LEGO Hogwarts for Christmas and hasn’t been able to work on it very much. We’ve set a goal to complete it while she’s out of school for the next couple of weeks!

6. Exercising. I made a commitment that whenever I was covering the NBA full time that I would make time to exercise more. Without games to cover, I have no excuse. So, I’ve been getting out and about each day and getting my steps in!

This also includes working around the yard and getting things done there. No excuses there either!

7. Thinking about basketball. Yeah this happens a lot. A lot a lot. I love the game. I think about what’s happening. What’s coming this summer. How the league can come out of this better. All sorts of stuff. Basketball is never far from my thoughts.

8. Stressing out. I’m human. I’m like everyone else with worries. I left my full-time job of nearly 20 years with the Walt Disney Company at the end of February to cover the NBA full time. Good timing huh?

So, yes, I’m worried. I’m not full time with any one outlet. I had put together enough freelance work to make this work and to care for my family. Now? Who knows? I’m hopeful, but worried. We’ve still got bills to pay, so hopefully I can keep income flowing in.

I’m also worried about my parents. My folks still live on the South Shore of Massachusetts. They’re both of age that they are in the danger-zone for the virus. And they’ve both had health issues over the year. They’re never out of mind, despite being very out of sight.

9. Learning. I’m passionate about learning. I have a wide range of interests. I try to learn something new every day. With plenty of free time, there is no reason I shouldn’t be able to continue this.

10. Staying home. I saved this one for last for good reason. We’re staying home as much as possible. Our only trips out now are for necessities. Do your part and stay in as well. I know you might be young and healthy. Your area may not have any cases reported. But you’ve got to think about others. This is bigger than all of us individually.

If you can, check in on the folks in your community who might need help. Maybe their older or have health issues preventing them from getting to the store. It goes a long way to ask and see what they might need.

That’s what I’m up to! Share what’s going on with you and yours. Maybe give some recommendations on shows to binge or books to read or activities to keep the family entertained. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. We’ll get through this!

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